What Clients Are Saying

"Scott has been a true inspiration to our company. As a growing 10 person architectural firm, we had never organized ourselves in any real way. As we hit our 10 year anniversary we knew it was time to get serious about moving toward the next level. Scott was referred to me as a business leader who could help our leadership team implement a company structure which would allow us to grow. We were all somewhat sceptical as we started our first day-long "off site" meeting where Scott led us through the fundamentals of the EOS system laid out in the book Traction. The four of us knew right away that Scott was a great fit for us. Over the next year, he has walked us through the system and showed us how, if applied correctly, it could change our business in every way for the better. Because of Scott's ongoing engaging teaching style, inquisitive nature, and robust experience in actual corporate leadership, we have applied Scott's teaching and advice throughout our business with great success. His influence has changed how we do business, move ahead and achieve our goals. I will never be able to thank Scott enough for his impact on my life and the impact he has had on our company. I would highly recommend working with Scott to help grow, organize, structure, advise, etc your business. Not only does he have decades of experience running his own company, he is an amazing communicator/teacher/coach who is using his gifts to meet you wherever you are to help you obtain your fullest potential."
Spencer McCoomb
Principal Architect
Cordsten Design Architecture
For years, I have had a sense that things could be running more smoothly at our organization. I run a faith-based non-profit with a small staff and have struggled to get clarity around the staff positions, the strategy for growth, and how to manage the day-to-day operations in a way that moves the organization forward, rather than just putting out fires. I am happy to say that since launching EOS with Scott Asodorian, we have made incredible progress on all fronts. After the first day-long class, we knew we had the right tool. Scott is a very skilled and patient teacher who brings much real world leadership experience to the table. He has been a great guide to help us make the changes necessary to scale our organization, bring clarity to our staff, and get everyone rowing in the same direction. In many ways, 2020 was a breakthrough year for our organization. The staff is energized and excited about our future. They love the clarity they have about their jobs. We now have a clear plan for growth, and are ready to take our organization to the next level. Our time with Scott has been a crucial piece of the puzzle. I highly recommend him!
Rachel Guyen
Executive Director
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