Are you in control of your organization, or does it control you?

How do you know whether or not you should take on a new client?  Or make a new product?  Or develop a new service?

All of these questions are crucial to how you use the finite resources and energy you have.  Make the right choices, and your organization will flourish.  Poor choices lead to frustration, disfunction, high employee turnover and the feeling that you aren’t in control of the organization.


Our Services

To answer the ultimate question of “Is our strategy going to get us the results we want”, I will help you assess and integrate the following key areas.

Clarity of your WHY

When you know exactly why your organization exists, you can effectively determine a very specific future vision

Core Competencies

Identifying your unique strengths allows you to determine where you will be most competitive. We will asses not only the unique skills and abilities of your staff, but also any sustainable competitive advantages which can be leveraged.

Competitive Landscape

You can't compete with everyone. I'll help you identify opportunities that compliment who you are and what you do well.


Having a vision is only part of the equation. I will show you simple yet effective ways of translating a long-term vision into short-term goals which will put you on the path to success.

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