How EOS Can Help You

Why Leaders Seek Out EOS

At some point, every person, every business encounters headwinds.  While the cycles of growth are normal, there are times when what was once a reliable system or philosophy is no longer serving the greater good.  At this point, leaders generally do one of three things:  

  • double-down on what they’ve always done
  • become passive
  • seek to evolve their approach.

EOS/Traction isn’t the only way to evolve and improve your business, but it is a proven way.  With a footprint in organizations around the globe, a simple web search will provide a rich source of independent information on whether EOS is worth learning more about.

6 Key Components

At it’s core, any issue a business faces will fall into one of these 6 categories.  The goal is to install simple yet effective tools and skills so that leaders become strong in each area.  Proper use of these tools leads to simplicity, accountability and clarity.


No company, family or team can perform at a high level without each individual member being accountable.  While it sounds simple, accountability is often lacking in many businesses.  EOS will instantly provide every employee a way of being accountable to their job and to one-another.  This is one of the most powerful concepts in EOS.

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Your organization likely has an amazing vision.  Most successful organizations do.  The real challenge is now making sure everyone in the organization shares the exact same vision, and that your plan is aligned at achieving that vision.  Easier said than done.  EOS is designed to translate your vision into a concrete set of goals and, equally importantly, to empower your staff to consistently focus on only the things that drive toward an attainment of that vision.

Core Values

Why are core values critical to the health and success of your organization?  Simply put, a person’s core values, or what they believe to be deeply true about themselves, determines their behavior.  So if an employee has a core value of “always ask for permission”, they will generally not take initiative to solve problems proactively.  If your organization is expecting quick, decisive action as one of its core values, this individual will probably not perform to your expectations.  We can help you identify your organizaiton’s top 3-5 core values and give you a simple system to hire, reward and counsel employees based on how they live out your core values.

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