My Why

What I Was Made To Do

Simon Sinek, in his bestselling book Start With Why, explains the importance of knowing your WHY – your purpose, cause or passion.  Without a WHY, companies chase opportunities with little to no connection to their purpose.  When a company offers something that is not authentic to what they believe, the marketplace gets confused.

My WHY is “to empower others through teaching”.  I believe God gives a Why to everyone (1 Peter 4:10-11).  You know you’re operating in your Why in part by the energy you get when you fully step into your purpose.

Sinek makes another interesting point – that your WHY never changes, but the way a person fulfills that why changes over their lifetime.  As you will see in my experiences below, the passion for teaching can be expressed through roles in  leadership, entrepreneurship and community involvement.

My Experiences

Executive Leadership

For over 20 years, I was blessed to have the opportunity to run the operations at a healthcare company in the northeastern US – the Rhode Island Blood Center.  With up to 350 employees at its peak, customers across New England and a diverse product and service offering, I gained invaluable experiences in leadership, strategy, marketing and community relations.  I now have the privilege of translating these experiences into my coaching, teaching and mentoring businesses.

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Leadership and Strategy Coach

In early 2019, a friend introduced me to the book Traction by Gino Wickman.  After reading about the methods described in the book, I saw how my own experiences running a company paralleled the concepts of EOS.  I was instantly convinced any company who experienced those “hitting the ceiling” moments where growth suddenly stopped would benefit from learning EOS.  

 Thousands of companies worldwide are successfully running on EOS – and the number continues to grow.  I taught my first client the EOS system in the spring of 2019 and continue to teach the methodology to companies in the northeast.

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Teaching at The University of Rhode Island provides an incredible opportunity to not only utilize teaching and mentoring skills, but also to understand an incredibly important segment of the marketplace – Generation Z!  Understanding what motivates and moves today’s college students, how they process the world around them,  consume information and communicate is essential to any business leader.  I get great satisfaction in sharing real-world examples with students while at the same time sharing with my clients what’s important to a new generation of employees and customers.


When I first began mentoring students and entrepreneurs, my primary hope was that I would be able to help guide a person by sharing the lessons I had learned.  What I quickly came to realize, however, is that I was also learning from the mentee very powerful and valuable lessons.  Each person, when we really listen, has an incredible story to tell.  Their experiences, successes, failures and journeys provide a rich source of fresh inspiration.

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As a Christian, I believe God gives each person unique gifts, and no one gift is more important than others.  Part of our mission is to use those gifts to serve others.  God has given me the gift to teach others, and I get no greater joy than when I am doing just that.

My logo of the runner not only represents one of my favorite exercises, it more importantly reminds me that most good things take endurance – life takes endurance – let’s finish well.


To empower through teaching


Being empathetic to clients learning needs

Enthusiastic and dynamic in-person and remote programs

Integrating real-life leadership experiences 



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