Everyone Has Unique Skills

Find Yours

I believe we are all blessed by our creator with unique skills and abilities. When we step into roles that match those areas, we begin to “feel” a certain energy and enthusiasm for our work. Some of my unique skills are the ability to lead teams, create effective strategies and to teach. It just so happens that running a business or teaching in a classroom require all three of these. What I enjoy more than anything else is to help other people, whether they are business leaders or students, identify and develop their own set of skills and abilities.

My journey began shortly after I received my MBA from The University of Rhode Island. I had the incredible opportunity at a young age to step into an executive role at one of the more prominent health care organizations in our state. During my 20 plus year tenure as an executive, I learned a tremendous amount about how to hire and lead staff at all levels. What I discovered is that a high degree of emotional intelligence is what separates the great leaders from the good ones. In addition, working collaboratively with your leadership team in the development of strategy and priorities is half the battle when it comes to creating an effective operating plan.

Work With Scott

Some Areas of Focus

Whether it’s helping create a focused strategy, build an effective team, conducting training sessions or seminars or just helping students with their academic work, I’m here to help.

Entrepreneurial Mentoring

Organizations are being developed across the country focused on assisting entrepreneurs build out their business ventures. I actively participate with organizations such as MassChallenge and RIHub to provide feedback and advice to entrepreneurs from all industry segments. I also am involved in a local startup with a mission that aligns with my desire to see young adults get connected in healthy ways with each other and their neighbors.

Community Involvement

For me, it starts and end with my Christian faith. The work I am involved in, whether serving as a volunteer leader at my church, serving on the board of a non-profit school or working in my “9-5” occupation, I want to honor God in everything I say and do.